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Cellar V’s Story

Cellar V is a love child of founder Lucy’s dream to create beautiful wine-inspired gifts. Starting off as a retailer of wine accessories, Cellar V soon expanded into gifting as the demand grew. A twist on the french phrase ‘C’est la vie’ meaning, ‘that’s life’, Cellar V applies the same love and attention to the gifting as with the product design, and many of our gifts still contain our own in-house designed wine accessories.

Lucy’s careful attention to detail is obvious when you see the standard of our gifts; each beautifully presented and styled to give the right impression to your customers. Not only, do we perfect the aesthetics, but we also like to apply logic to our gift-giving; not something that many other gifting businesses do.

Lucy’s background as an engineer means that logic is part of her nature, and one of our main focuses is making the return on your gifting investments as measurable as possible. In a business world where there any many avenues to invest your money, we understand the importance of spending budget in the right areas to ensure client retention and growth.

We love to watch other businesses grow, and even more, to a be contributor to that success. That means that we go above and beyond for our clients, our passion for what we do visible at every step. So if you’re considering us for your gifting needs, or just have some questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we love to chat!

We’re based on the Central Coast, NSW but can ship gifts nationally. We use Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or whatever communication channel is best for you, so distance is not an issue!

We looks forward to speaking with you soon.

Lucy Holland

Founder / Director

Lucy Holland