Cellar V’s Story

More than just a business, Cellar V was born from a love of social occasions and the genuine connections so often created through them. A twist on the french phrase ‘C’est la vie’ meaning, that’s life, Cellar V aspires to create magical moments with friends, family and even clients through an exquisite product range designed to stand out.

Cellar V’s current range has been designed and curated with uniqueness in mind. Founder and owner, Lucy designs and curates all the products herself; full of character and flair, each is a reflection of her own persona and desires.

The decision was made to include gift hampers in the Cellar V collection because of a desire to offer practical yet exclusive gifts that create memorable occasions. A celebration can be truly enhanced with a stunning gift of wine and its accessories.

Cellar V’s unique designs offer an exclusivity not found in any other Australian wine-wares business, delivering memorable wine-drinking experiences through beautiful, quality products.

Cellar V offers wine products that are understated yet stand out, have a feel of luxury yet are affordable.

Lucy Holland

Founder / Director

Lucy Holland