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Wine and Copper Glass Gift Box



Presented in a luxury gift box with magnetic lid, this stunning hamper includes a pair of Cellar V’s hammered copper stemless wine glasses alongside a tasty bottle of your choice of Tempus Two Copper series Shiraz or Tempranillo.


Our wine and glass gift set makes for a perfect wedding or special occasion gift. Cellar V’s boutique copper wine glasses are a beautiful accompaniment to Tempus Two’s Copper Series reds, and this dazzling hamper is sure to be remembered. The Tempus two Copper series takes wine-making to a new level, offering hand-crafted, old world-style wines with an Australian twist. The Copper series is the epitome of modern style meets classic finesse. The eye-catching embossed copper label bring style and sophistication to every table.


Copper is a fabulous product; not only do our stemless wine glasses glimmer but many claim that copper is beneficial for your health. So yes, we kind of are encouraging you to drink more wine! And are you wondering whether drinking wine from copper glasses affects the palate, or lends a ‘metal’ taste to the wine? We coat our copper wine glasses with a food-safe lacquer, inside and out, which minimises any taint of copper in the wine and keeps them looking fantastic for longer. If you’d like to know more about this, as well as how to care for copper wine glasses, please check out our Copper Care section.


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